Good Long Morning

The weeks have gone by so quickly. There has been pain, there has been happiness; there has been short summer nights and long days of sweltering heat. There has also been many days of writing, and dirty days of refurbing several old, old typewriters. My oldest now is a 1929 Remington Portable 2 that had... Continue Reading →


A Writer by Any Other Name…Isn’t Me.

Like any good writer, my name is a nom de plume. A pseudonym. A falsity. But it isn’t a lark. I am not one that hides behind it. I give my real name freely, Jessi-Lyn Curry. What my working name really is is an honourific to all the matriarchs in my family that have instilled... Continue Reading →


A lot of crazy stuff has been happening lately. Firstly, I had a benign parotid tumour removed from my face a week ago, with a muscle flap cut from my neck to fill in the tissue removed from my jaw line. Needless to say, I am feeling the burn, quite literally. The incision from the... Continue Reading →


Last year my mom gave me a little book on Christmas day about writing, the creative life, and living in it to the best of one’s ability. Yup, just a little unknown book called Big Magic. Well, only kinda unknown, in most circles, because unless you are a Creative you’ve probably never heard of it.... Continue Reading →

Terrible Poems are…Terrible

Yup, not going to go forward with that idea anymore. It felt dark and dirty. I was a very pessimistic teenager, and I think that is where those poems suited me best, in my life as a teenager. That is not who I am anymore. I have been avoiding this blog, a difficult project as... Continue Reading →

Terrible Poem #3

All you do is What you see Believe what you hear, and you agree Like wandering blind Never knowing what they’ve known Never seeing what they’ve shown Never free, never left alone Go along, go along With what they tell you Go along, go along Be what they make you   You dance around Like... Continue Reading →


PEOPLE People talk and people kill People sing of dreams to fulfill People die and people live People forget but never forgive   So that ‘s what’s wrong with the world today We’re just not let to live our own way The government tries to run your life The man at work fucking your wife... Continue Reading →

No Terrible Poem Today

I am on my way to Canada today to pick up my mother for our autumnal migration South. It will take 2, maybe 2.35, days to drive to Savannah from Fort Frances, Ontario. I'm not sure exactly because this year my mother no longer has her sidekick, Berkley her Golden Retriever. He passed away suddenly... Continue Reading →

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