Post-Nano, Nano Post

So, it has been a week since the end of Nano. How did I do? I won. In the way that you can win Nano, by writing 50k words on a new story. In fact, I wrote just about 65,000 words of my story. I have about another 5,000 left to complete the rough draft.... Continue Reading →

Halfway to hell or heartbreak…

Okay, that is a very misleading title. But seriously people, anyone else pushing through NanoWrimo this year knows how I'm feeling, maybe...hopefully. Because right now it is very painfully at the halfway mark and the steam is faltering. I have made it to the level of answering facebook posts with memes and gifs. I have... Continue Reading →

Nano Nano

With NanoWrimo in full swing, I would like to point out that I am doing this year's on a typewriter...and writing this post on my phone. Two extremely different platforms for sure. I had to start on Sunday, 3 days early, because I am going out of town this weekend for 3 days on a... Continue Reading →

Good Long Morning

The weeks have gone by so quickly. There has been pain, there has been happiness; there has been short summer nights and long days of sweltering heat. There has also been many days of writing, and dirty days of refurbing several old, old typewriters. My oldest now is a 1929 Remington Portable 2 that had... Continue Reading →


A lot of crazy stuff has been happening lately. Firstly, I had a benign parotid tumour removed from my face a week ago, with a muscle flap cut from my neck to fill in the tissue removed from my jaw line. Needless to say, I am feeling the burn, quite literally. The incision from the... Continue Reading →


Last year my mom gave me a little book on Christmas day about writing, the creative life, and living in it to the best of one’s ability. Yup, just a little unknown book called Big Magic. Well, only kinda unknown, in most circles, because unless you are a Creative you’ve probably never heard of it.... Continue Reading →

Terrible Poems are…Terrible

Yup, not going to go forward with that idea anymore. It felt dark and dirty. I was a very pessimistic teenager, and I think that is where those poems suited me best, in my life as a teenager. That is not who I am anymore. I have been avoiding this blog, a difficult project as... Continue Reading →

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