Halfway to hell or heartbreak…

Okay, that is a very misleading title. But seriously people, anyone else pushing through NanoWrimo this year knows how I'm feeling, maybe...hopefully. Because right now it is very painfully at the halfway mark and the steam is faltering. I have made it to the level of answering facebook posts with memes and gifs. I have... Continue Reading →


A lot of crazy stuff has been happening lately. Firstly, I had a benign parotid tumour removed from my face a week ago, with a muscle flap cut from my neck to fill in the tissue removed from my jaw line. Needless to say, I am feeling the burn, quite literally. The incision from the... Continue Reading →

No Terrible Poem Today

I am on my way to Canada today to pick up my mother for our autumnal migration South. It will take 2, maybe 2.35, days to drive to Savannah from Fort Frances, Ontario. I'm not sure exactly because this year my mother no longer has her sidekick, Berkley her Golden Retriever. He passed away suddenly... Continue Reading →

Intro: Version–Discussion

My parents really did not understand me as a child. This is not an understatement. My step-father believed my best aspiration would be to marry a lawyer or doctor in order to have a comfortable life. He patronized and insulted my dreams to be a writer every day. He went so far as to question... Continue Reading →

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