Nano Nano

With NanoWrimo in full swing, I would like to point out that I am doing this year’s on a typewriter…and writing this post on my phone. Two extremely different platforms for sure.

I had to start on Sunday, 3 days early, because I am going out of town this weekend for 3 days on a trip that I couldn’t miss or reschedule. When I was first making my words-per-page calculations, and before I knew to use google docs, I estimated 4 pages minimum to get the daily quota of 1,667 words. Turns out, on a 12per-inch typer, 4 pages of full typing can average out to over 2,000 words. I try to keep on the same line when doing multiple lines of dialogue, that can be edited out later, just to use as much white space per page. There is a reason for this and it’s not to save paper.

I am finding that trying to fill a page with words is psychologically less stressful than trying to rack-up a word counter. I really like the moment I finish a page, scan it in, transfer it to docs, and do some minimal editing from the digital translation, and THEN get a word count. It feels so good to see that larger word accumulation. So much better than chasing one at a time or typing and typing and barely seeing a dent on a digital screen. 

I am also trying to complete thoughts or actions by the end of the page. I tell myself I have to have character X in position N by the end of this page so I can make them do G on the next page, and have them at Z by the end of the fourth page. It works! It makes me keep the action moving forward, leaves lots of room for creativity, but also takes away from adding in dumb useless crap to just add words. It gives me an agenda with no room for fluff. Fluff can come later in the editing process. 

Now is the time for work.

And I have worked my ass off. At the end of my day 5, I am already over 10,000 words and 20 pages of real paper. My goal is 120, and at this rate there is a good possibillity I can make over 64,000 words. 

I just really hope I can keep up this pace after I get back. And knowing me, no matter how tired I am Sunday night, I will probably try to get a few mores pages whipped out just because. I have some write-ins to go to next week, and can’t wait to bring Betsy with me out in public. Hoping to convert some good folks into Guerrilla Typerwriters.

So questions, are you a writer on a typewriter, or a typer on a typewriter? Are you a comper on a computer? Are you doing Nano? Ever heard of it? Ever tried?

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