Terrible Poems are…Terrible

Yup, not going to go forward with that idea anymore. It felt dark and dirty. I was a very pessimistic teenager, and I think that is where those poems suited me best, in my life as a teenager. That is not who I am anymore. I have been avoiding this blog, a difficult project as it is, because I felt the tone was getting too…meh. Not really dark, I just feel like I have been complaining about my past, about the ick that went on that one week I don’t want to think about again.

This is not me. I am a very happy, sunshiny with scattered clouds, kind of person. By dwelling on my past poems I am just dredging up past disappointments. I have made a very successful adventure out of my life and I would rather express those stories here, not dig up old melancholia and doldrums.

I am going to keep with the current wordpress theme, Baskerville. I am not ready to give up on it yet. I am still trying to figure out Menues and Widgets. I want to put in a proper link to my twitter account with the twitter icon, but I am still lost on that one. I want more imagery and visuals, but I feel fake if I post stock photos or anything that isn’t mine, but then…I don’t have great photos of my own. So, there is another project I need to work on. Bare with me, all I have is a cheap cybershot or my phone.

No clue what the theme is going to be here on out. I just know I am NOT going to keep writing Terrible Poems. Dead horse is dead.

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