Terrible Poem #3

All you do is

What you see

Believe what you hear, and you agree

Like wandering blind

Never knowing what they’ve known

Never seeing what they’ve shown

Never free, never left alone

Go along, go along

With what they tell you

Go along, go along

Be what they make you


You dance around

Like puppets in a play

Following as the strong lead the way

Feeling the pressures

Coming by death

Always falling down to their depth

And everything is as it seems

Go along, go along

With what they tell you

Go along, go along

Be what they make you.


[on the back of the page]

Face to the wind

You’re in for a big mood swing

The earth cries in pain

We have yet to see a better day

When all will see the truth

Think their own thoughts

And understand the meaning of life

~ ~ ~

The world has been a scary place these last few weeks. A lot of change is about to take place, and most is being catapulted by fear. The world runs on fear,advertising being one of the main vehicles used to cash in on it. And many corporations use it much like a weapon and attempt to mug every passerby they can find. It takes a very mentally and emotionally strong person to get through a day without letting to world provoke fear in them.

~ ~ ~

I can feel my inner rebel yelling out in this Terrible Poem. Even from a young age I did not care to being allocated to the masses. Just another wallet to be scoured empty by greedy markets. Buy these clothes, listen to this music (and buy it), play video games, and get expensive hobbies. I hated it. Sure, I did spend money on clothes…quite frugally I hate to so too…but I didn’t run out and get a pair of Vans shoes just because they were popular. My expensive hobby was reading. I owned more books than individual pieces of clothing, and I read most of them within a year of buying them. And that was it. I didn’t load up my walls with posters of boy bands, only to be torn down when the next one came around. I didn’t have a game console with expensive games and needing them the moment they came out (I still have friends in their late 30s that do this regularly, and then cringe when they get a disconnect notice on their water bill). I understood that popular clothes lasted a season, and would need to be replaced the next year. Throw-away fads I called them. And the markets do it on purpose. One of the main reasons kids are so highly advertised to. No sense of mortality or longevity of funds.

The poem itself is very jaunty. But it rhymes! I think I can improve on this one a little bit, keep its teeny angst, and still make it resound with adults. That will be my task this week, and maybe next. I’m about to hit finals, so at this point, that comes first.


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