People talk and people kill

People sing of dreams to fulfill

People die and people live

People forget but never forgive


So that ‘s what’s wrong with the world today

We’re just not let to live our own way

The government tries to run your life

The man at work fucking your wife


People give and people get

Your tax money buys the Senator a Vette

Then people think they’re the best

And make  their money go to waste


So that’s what’s wrong with the world today

We’re just not let to live our own way

The government tries to run your life

The man next door takes dibs on your wife


So now you must see why we act this way

Sing this way fight this way

We know how we want to live

We know how we should live

We do this to release our anger

Made by you, that man at work

The next door neighbour

They are the Senator



This was not signed with any of my nom de plumes. From the handwriting, I am guessing it is maybe grade 11 or 12, though I was not writing much in grade 12. I figured this would be a nice touch considering today. The day after the Beginning of the End for the Nation. Who knows what the future brings. It feels like it is already brewing something of a Civil War. Protests are already starting less than 24 hours after the results are in. And the scariest part is that it doesn’t matter who had won, today’s aftermath would have been the same only different people in the streets. Already people on social media sites are unfriending and being unfriended. Followers are quietly and not-so-quietly unfollowing. Braggarts are showing the ugly sides of themselves, and for my experience those were some of the most caring and beautiful people I know/knew.

Personally, I didn’t vote. I tell people who ask that I am Canadian and that has satisfied everybody. No one has asked me who I would have voted for, so that is a blessing. Because the thing is, I am dual citizenship and could have voted if I had wanted to exercise my right to. I exercised my right not to, along with over 49% of the rest of the legally allowed population. People say that by not voting I am no longer allowed to complain about anything that happens in government, which is completely wrong. It is my first amendment right to say whatever I want. And you know why? Because I did not vote for the President in office. I did not want him there, nor did I want her there. I refuse to vote for the “lessor of two evils” because there is no such thing. They are both horrible and no matter the outcome from yesterday, this nation is fucked. I looked into the other minor running candidates, and again, I may have agreed on one or two of their platforms, I could not agree with them all. I am neither left nor right. I believe in owning guns and ammunition and being able to defend my home and my person with deadly force if need be. I am pro-choice, full stop. I am completely pro-no man (or woman for that matter) has any say over a woman’s (or even a man’s) body or its functions and her decisions for her own body. I am anti-welfare, but pro-disability, especially veterans disability, and pro-worker’s compensation and employment insurance. You work for it, you get it; you don’t work for it, you don’t get it. I am for government provided healthcare, that is the social Canadian in me and is the one thing I so miss from up North. What we have now is nothing even remotely resembling ‘universal healthcare’. It is an atrocity and an insult to the very idea of what it should be. I am a complete supporter of the LGBTQ community even though I personally do not recognize as any of those orientations. I am a proud member of the kink community and have been polygamous for several years now. I do believe in the need for stronger immigration laws, but not in complete restriction. And even though I do not partake, I am proud of what Colorado is doing with it’s marijuana capital gains and taxes. So, how the hell can I be expected to chose one over the other? I can’t, and I won’t. And I most certainly will complain if whoever is in charge makes a fucked up decision, because I did not vote for him/her.

Okay, enough politics. You won’t find it in my posts to often, promise. But the subject is fresh and raw and there you have it. I have no idea what I am going to do for my follow-up this weekend. We will see when we get there.

Cheers, sleep well, and “Be excellent to each other.”

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