Terrible Poem #3

All you do is What you see Believe what you hear, and you agree Like wandering blind Never knowing what they’ve known Never seeing what they’ve shown Never free, never left alone Go along, go along With what they tell you Go along, go along Be what they make you   You dance around Like... Continue Reading →


PEOPLE People talk and people kill People sing of dreams to fulfill People die and people live People forget but never forgive   So that ‘s what’s wrong with the world today We’re just not let to live our own way The government tries to run your life The man at work fucking your wife... Continue Reading →

No Terrible Poem Today

I am on my way to Canada today to pick up my mother for our autumnal migration South. It will take 2, maybe 2.35, days to drive to Savannah from Fort Frances, Ontario. I'm not sure exactly because this year my mother no longer has her sidekick, Berkley her Golden Retriever. He passed away suddenly... Continue Reading →

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