Popping my own cherry…

I guess this is that ubiquitous First Post. The virgin being sacrificed, the cherry being popped. This is where I am supposed to proclaim some profound reason as to why I started this blog and what it is I hope to accomplish with this blog.


I do have a few ideas. Nothing grotesquely grandiose or world changing. I have a few projects I would like to post about. My biggest fear though is that I will run out of things to talk about that are…interesting. (I use ellipses a LOT by the way, it may take some getting used to.) So one project I am going to try is what I am calling The Terrible Poem Project. I have lots of terrible poems. Most of them were written back in my wonderful and angsty teenage years, and a few in my 20s. Thankfully, not too many now in my 30s. I’m leaving that for my painting.

The Terrible Poem Project will, hopefully, be a weekly occurrence. I will take one of those old teenage poems, long or short, and I will post it at the beginning of the week. Then, throughout the week, maybe once or twice, I will either revise the poem, write a prose or journal entry inspired by the poem, or maybe a photograph or a just as terrible watercolor painting also inspired by the poem. Something. By the end of the week the poem will still be just as terrible, or maybe a little bit better. Either way, it is a way to finally force myself to get through all of my handwritten notebooks and finally digitize my collection of Terrible Poems.

Along with The Terrible Poem Project, I will sprinkle in journal posts, personal essays, memoirish type of stories, creative non-fiction, rants, photographs, more terrible watercolors, and other hobby type of things that I am interested in. What I want to try to steer clear of are fiction stories, long and short. I may talk about projects that I am working on, but for now I don’t feel too comfortable posting any of that work here. And just to warn some folks…I have next to nothing for a filter. Some of my topics are R and X rated, maybe controversial, hopefully thought provoking, and sometimes they will be just stupid.

I reserve the right to delete any comments I deem offensive if they are not contributing to any sort of discussion or are insulting to myself or another reader/commenter.

Otherwise, this is just a very relaxed forum that I am going to use as a means of making myself accountable to my writing.


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