Intro: Version–Discussion

My parents really did not understand me as a child. This is not an understatement. My step-father believed my best aspiration would be to marry a lawyer or doctor in order to have a comfortable life. He patronized and insulted my dreams to be a writer every day. He went so far as to question... Continue Reading →

Terrible Poem #1

[Untitled] Crying in agony over nothing Being withdrawn for no reason Wanting to be alone Wanting to be silent Hearing the words of others Only dreaming of others Screaming if disturbed without cause Being outraged at privacy invaded A loner always alone A loner wanting to be alone And a dreamer with dreams Dreaming of... Continue Reading →

Popping my own cherry…

I guess this is that ubiquitous First Post. The virgin being sacrificed, the cherry being popped. This is where I am supposed to proclaim some profound reason as to why I started this blog and what it is I hope to accomplish with this blog. Well… I do have a few ideas. Nothing grotesquely grandiose... Continue Reading →

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