Summer has been good.

With the crazy tourist season nearly over, I can get back to my desk and my typewriters. I have a lot to write about.

Five Months in and…

I’m going back to work. Part-time. And I’m not doing this on a typewriter because I have a very plugged up six month old nephew finally taking his nap on my bed. Sis-in-law dropped him off an hour ago after she found a waterfall in her basement. Temperatures dropped 20 degrees (Celsius) last night and... Continue Reading →

10 April 2018

I have found I would rather type on the typewriter than a computer. I also won't retype a page onto a computer. So this is my first attempt at typecasting. So far, I prefer the experience and no doubt be more productive this way. Cheers.

Post-Nano, Nano Post

So, it has been a week since the end of Nano. How did I do? I won. In the way that you can win Nano, by writing 50k words on a new story. In fact, I wrote just about 65,000 words of my story. I have about another 5,000 left to complete the rough draft.... Continue Reading →

Halfway to hell or heartbreak…

Okay, that is a very misleading title. But seriously people, anyone else pushing through NanoWrimo this year knows how I'm feeling, maybe...hopefully. Because right now it is very painfully at the halfway mark and the steam is faltering. I have made it to the level of answering facebook posts with memes and gifs. I have... Continue Reading →

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